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Yosef Lasarow

Many of us take life for granted.  We go about our daily chores, never stopping to question or take a deeper look at whom we truly are.

My work is about a search for truth, an earnest search for the meaning of life that lies buried deep within the wellsprings of the human psyche.

Each of us carries our own unique spark or spiritual footprint and is accountable for our personal contribution to the collective consciousness of mankind. In my life, and as I attempt to express in my work, I continue to search for mine.

I was born in South Africa in September 1962. From a very young age, I felt an inner stirring that something was missing, that a deeper meaning for life needed to be sought out.

That stirring never subsided but grew in magnitude as I struggled against the system to define my point of view. Through this struggle, my creative abilities emerged as I desperately attempted to express, and bring into the real world, the goings on inside my soul.


peru yanque 60 s.jpg

The camera to me is a creative tool, an honest extension of my vision, like a paintbrush or an author's pen, that enables me to capture and express, to the best of my ability, the way I experience life and all Her majestic beauty.

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