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rOCK aRt

All images in this series are photographs of the cliff faces along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

For the sake of transparency, the images themselves have not been cropped or altered however, the colours, lights, and shadows have been manipulated as part of the process of my artistic expression


etched in stone

Images of our world sublime,

birthed through pangs of wretched time,

where whispers lurk where lovers pine,

where wild winds howl as the soul divines,

where the artist dwells in shadows deep,

where the heart swells and cannot but weep,

it's there you will these treasures find,

etched in sandstone, rock, and lime.

Now lift your weary eyes and know,

you too can venture to where the north wind blows.

100 A1 s
99 A1 s
98 A1 s
97 A1 s
96 A2 s
95 A1 s
94 A1 s
93 A1 s
92 A1 s
91 A1 s
90 A1 s
89 A1 s
88 A1 S
87 A1 S
86 A1 S
85 A2 S
84 A1 S
83 A2 S
82 XL S
81 A1 S
78 XL S
80 XL S
79 A1 S
77 A1 S
76 A2 S
75 A2 S
74 A1 S
73 XL S
71 A1 S
72 XL S
70 A1 S
69 A3 S
68 A3 S
67 A1 S
65 A3 S
66 A3 S
64 A2 S
63 A2 S
62 A1 S
60 A1 S
61 A1 S
59 A1 S
58 A1 S
57 "Face to Face"
51 A1 S
56 A2 S
55 A1 S
54 A1 S
53 A1 S
52 A1 S
50 A3 S
49 A1 S
48 A1 S
47 Lions Den A1
46 Knight Rider A2 S
45 A2 S
44 A2 S
43 A3 S
42 A2 S
41 A3 S
40 A2 S
39 A2 S
38 A1 S
37 A2 S
36 Fortitude A2 S
35 Moon Tides A3 S
34 Royal Rainfall A3 S
33 The Amalgamation A3 S
32 Elephant Wisdom A1 S
31 Mystery Land A1 S
30 A1 S
29 Eye of the Needle A1 S
28 Searchers Castle XL S
27 A1 S
26 A1 S
25 A1 S
24 Ice Falls A1 S
23 Owls Perch A1 S
22 Road to Ixtlan A1 S
21  Long Face A1 S
19 A2 S
20 Renegades Fortress A1 S
18 Solitude A1 S
17 A1 S
16 Mineral Waters A1 S
15 Steadfast A1 S
14 Blueprint XL S
13 A1 S
12 Perseverence A1 S
10 A1 S
11 A3 S
9 Tablets of Stone A2 S
8 A2 S
7 Sacred Waters A2 S
6 A2 S
5 A3 S
4 Restitution A3 S
3 Day Dreams A3 S
2 Celestial Anatomy A1 S
1 Ancient Memmories A2 S

 aBstrAct Wall Art 


        People hustle by,

                     this way up and down,

                                         eyes inward, eyes scared,

                                                                shackled in frowns,

                                                                                as prisoners in gowns,

                                                                                                          Through the cold and the heat,

                                                                                                                          As they pass through the town draped in fragile defeat,

                                                                                                                                                                                                           they drift past 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                the best,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             art on the 



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